Yesterday, I made the mistake of looking at the news and it triggered me. My vibration went right down and for the rest of my afternoon I felt really low (note to self; do not start looking at the news again!). And because I was in a low vibration my negative self-talk took its opportunity and went to work trying to bring me further down.

It started feeding me negative ideas about my body. And as I have had anorexia in the past, attacking my body image is an easy target (negative self-talk really hits below the belt!). Now, I’m not going to say this was necessarily easy, but what I did to raise my vibration was drop and swap. I dropped the negative thought and swapped it for a positive one – at the same time as repeating “I’ll be feeling better tomorrow.”

Did I do this once and then magically feel awesome? No! Because I was already feeling low, those negative thoughts about my body felt real, so I had to keep at it. I was persistent because I know the truth. I know that with every negative there will be a positive, with every low swing there will be a high swing and I know that our negative thoughts… are lies! Drop and swap, drop and swap, drop and swap…

My day did get easier, and I went to bed with the intention that “tomorrow will be a great day.” And you know what? It’s no surprise that today, I woke to a great day! The intentions we have at night help to set up our day (so be very mindful of what you’re thinking about as you go to sleep!). I feel completely different today not only in my mind but in my body. This is what I mean when I say that our negative self-talk can feel real. Yesterday, my body felt ‘flabby’, and I saw things differently in the mirror. Today, my body looks and feels awesome!

Never underestimate the power of your own mind. As real as those negative thoughts can feel, know that they are lies. Know that you have the power to choose positive thoughts. You are in control. Drop and swap.

Much love and gratitude,

Lauren xxx