Releasing the Past

My past sifted to the surface recently after many, many years of laying dormant. And although I had dealt with most of it, I was still feeling some of the pain. Over the years when it came up for me it was a true shock to my system. I would be blindsided by it and felt the hurt and pain as though it had just occurred. But this time was different. This time I wasn’t blindsided. In a way, it felt right. My past hadn’t come back to ‘haunt’ me… it had come to light because I was ready to move on. I was ready to forgive – to let go completely. It was time to heal.

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What World Do You Want to Create?

No one can lockdown your mind. And no one can lockdown your heart. There is power in those that no one has control over, but you. You are in control of how you view the world and how you feel about life. You choose where you put your focus. And what you focus on, in turn becomes your reality.

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Awakening My New Concept of God

Christmas Eve, 1997. I was sitting in a crammed pew attending midnight mass with my parents, along with two hundred others making their once-a-year obligatory attendance to church. It was a hot, summer night and the air was thick with incense, perfumes and the occasional waft of alcohol from whispered breaths. The doors were open to let in the fresh air, but it was a still night and the doorways were clogged with parishioners. The heat was suffocating. My palms were sweaty and the knot in my throat was getting tighter. The priest’s sermon had become white noise as my mind was battling with my desire to leave and my obligation to stay. I don’t belong here, I thought to myself.

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Our Angels are With Us, Even in our Darkest Times

Image by Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay

I was 15 when I first felt the presence of my angels. At the time, I was feeling anxious and alone. Although, if you were to have asked me, I wouldn’t have been able to explain why I was feeling that way. In hindsight, it was around then that my family were having some difficulties. And although the details weren’t known to me, I could feel it.  

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A Sign From the Universe

Last Sunday I drove to Buckley Falls and asked the universe for a sign. A sign that it was listening. I stood at the lookout and started meditating. I asked the universe a question, cleared my mind as much as I could, relaxed and allowed myself to be open to receive…

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